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Welcome to our regular dose of inspiration, research and discussion. Written by the Autto founders Ian Gosling and Max Cole we look at legaltech, automation, AI, the impact  of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, startup culture, process design and other topics that catch our attention.  Mostly serous, sometimes a little tongue in cheek, but hopefully always informative.  We enjoy a lively discussuion so do comment. Signup for posts and our occasional newsletter.

What is office automation?

What is office automation?   Introduction Think of the average office job - how often do most of us perform the same sequence of tasks every week or every month?  Even in the most varied of jobs, there is an element of dull, repetition and in admin heavy roles...

LegalTech Trends 2019

2019 promises to provide opportunities and risks for individuals in the LegalTech community. Here are six trends that we see impacting LegalTech this year.

A First Look at Autto

A First Look at Autto - Views from a New York Attorney   We asked a New York lawyer to try Autto and to share his opinion on the Beta platform and it’s potential. These are his first impressions and thoughts.  As this is his personal opinion and does not...

Autto preview

Meet the future of work: affordable, accessible, easy-to-use workflow automationMaking work more productive, consistent and jobs more fulfilling.  Autto is bringing easy process automation to small and medium businesses.   Today we’re going to give you a quick look at...

Six Technologies Every Lawyer Should Understand

Six Technologies Every Lawyer Should Understand   by Autto Lawyers are a busy bunch. Between handling the day-to-day responsibilities within their matters to communicating with colleagues and clients, lawyers often don’t have time to experiment with different...

The Top Industries That Benefit From Process Automation

The Top Industries That Benefit From Process Automation by Autto The workplace is changing. Technology is constantly advancing, which has a profound effect on the workplace. Technological advancements not only create new job opportunities, but they also make existing...

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