About Autto

Autto is a London-based company passionate about helping businesses automate. We are concerned that such technology is only available to large multinational enterprises with deep pockets, and not to all companies. Our goal is to make automation easy and accessible.

Backed by experienced investors, EU funds and UK government grants we will bring automation to smaller legal practices, as well as regulated and professional business.


Autto is the London-based company that developed a workflow automation system with the goals to democratise process automation and bring the benefits to small and medium enterprises. We believe that the majority of automation systems are not affordable for smaller businesses, overly complex, and difficult to use.

Autto was founded by a lawyer, an experienced developer, and digital product manager. Through their careers and previous experience with a legaltech startup, they became aware of the lack of technology and intelligent automation in much of the legal industry.  With the media interest in Autto, potential clients have contacted the team highlighting similar needs for a general workflow automation tool in regulated and many professional services industries.

If you share our excitement about the potential of AI, workflow automation, and the future of work, don’t hesitate to contact us.



Ease of use

Autto is be easy to use, so users will always want to automate processes rather than repeat them

Affordable pricing

We use clear, transparent, and fair pricing for Autto; ensuring that workflow automation is within the reach of all businesses

Continuous improvement

Product functionality, support and usability is constantly improved to help users and businesses to benefit more from Autto


Work is changing and all companies have the right to be a part of the change

Large enterprises are gathering data and spending a fortune on automation and artificial intelligence technologies that make it harder and harder for smaller companies to compete.

There are hundreds of thousands of hardworking professionals in small and medium-sized companies around the world providing a great service to their clients.

By putting the power of intelligent automation into the hands of these smaller firms, we can help them compete more effectively.

Autto believes that access to technology is a right, that competition should be on a level playing field, and that supporting smaller companies is vital to the health of society.

Our goal is to give all professionals access to easy-to-use, intelligent automation


Autto gives all companies the ability to improve competitiveness through affordable, easy-to-access intelligent automation

Our Founders

Max Cole

Max Cole


Max is a former solicitor and a practising barrister specialising in media, commercial and employment law. His broad legal background gives us a unique understanding of legal processes and workflow.

Ian Gosling

Ian Gosling


Ian is a product manager and consultant specialising in SaaS, e-commerce and media. He comes from a digital transformation and venture capital background. Ian manages AUTTO’s product planning, finance and operations.

Krisztián Kerék

Krisztián Kerék


Kris is an experienced full-stack developer with an interest in document automation, web security, and e-commerce. With specialized frontend and backend development skills, Kris leads the tech team ensuring that the product is high-quality and user-friendly.

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