Keeping your best staff in the new hybrid workforce

With 1 in 4 of the British workforce considering a career change in 2021 firms are worried. Employees are fed up with solely working from home and whilst the hybrid workforce is set to be the new now for most organisations, it may not be enough.


Large corporates such as BT have announced post-pandemic proposals to have a mix of onsite and remote working and a Lloyds Banking Group staff survey found that nearly 80% wanted to work at home for at least three days a week. Small and medium companies will probably follow suit – in part responding to their employees wishes. But more needs to be done to retain good staff. Getting the balance right is going to be key.


A 2020 study showed 80% of managers are concerned about retaining valued employees. Broken down over half (47%) worry about how much staff morale has suffered in the past year and how heavier workloads are leading to burnout. Some are anxious that the shift in working patterns has meant their people have simply lost interest in working for the company.


There’s no argument that small and medium companies in particular value their hard working staff with many firms having a family-like regard for their teams. But to keep employees happy you have to take away the heavy workloads, give them space for creative thinking and problem solving and demonstrate a trust in them. As ever, technology and more specifically automation is going to be the key to succeed in this new hybrid work model.


“No code” platforms like AUTTO make automating key business processes and documents easy. These “time-rich, imagination-poor” but nonetheless important daily tasks of every company will free up staff time – our customers tell us about 75%. What better way of empowering staff than by replacing the hours they take laboriously cutting and pasting into a spreadsheet or sending out endless emails to free them up to do something far more valuable? From a productivity perspective, accuracy improves as the human element is removed from routine documents such as order processing, contracts, T&Cs and licenses and replaced with automation.


Showing trust and respect in their abilities will further empower your staff. Give THEM the automations to identify and create – after all they are at the coal face of your business and know which processes need changing. With AUTTO anyone can automate in a few hours with our simple no-code platform. No technical expertise required. You can take any of your unique business processes, easily learn the system and, like Lego building blocks, automate them.


The future world of work is upon us all but with it comes new challenges –finding more creative ways to retain the best staff at the same time boosting business productivity is going to be critical. Automation is set to play a pivotal role in this new now.


An Intro To AUTTO

How to Automate a Complex Process without Writing a Line of Code

  • Date: 31 March 2022
  • Time 14:00 BST
  • Host: Ian Gosling, Founder of AUTTO

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AUTTO is a no-codebusiness and document automation platform. No-code means you can build tailor-made automated processes without having to be a developer.

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