How to Increase the value of your procurement process with AUTTO’s Procurement Automation Software

Complex manual workflows are time-consuming and full of errors, slowing down the whole procurement pipeline. Delays caused by constantly sending documents back and forth, miscommunications and unnecessary spending are some of the top challenges faced by procurement teams. 

This makes procurement automation more important than ever.

How does using AUTTO automation the procurement process? 

Automating the procurement process brings benefits to procurement teams, other teams in the business utilising the procurement function and suppliers. These benefits include: 

  •  Increasing the speed at which documents are processed, shared and approved enabling procurement teams to work more efficiently and source, approve and pay suppliers faster.  
  • Providing greater visibility and better collaboration creating better working relationships internally and externally.  
  • Encouraging outside teams to engage with the procurement department reducing maverick spending and giving procurement more opportunities to make cost savings for the business.

With AUTTO, you can create dynamic forms and workflows to capture and submit accurate, current data from wherever you are. Simplify purchasing by automating approval processes, generating accurate reports, and decreasing response times with a robust Procurement system.

AUTTO has a role at each stage of the procurement process: 

Step 1: Purchase requisition info

Submitting purchase requisitions manually can be an incredibly slow and error prone process. Multiple revisions and numerous approval levels often cause information to get waylaid and cause delays. 

Automating the process allows requesters to upload the information required in a predefined template which is then directed to approvers for review. Any feedback or changes can be updated directly in the AUTTO platform making it easier to track progress and approve cases faster. 


Step 2: Approval processes

At some point, practically every purchase request requires approval from someone other than the requesting party. In some cases, multiple layers of approval are needed. Often, the approvers are people in other business areas such as finance, compliance, or IT. That can make approvals complicated. 

Fortunately, approval processes can be automated. Automation captures incoming requests, routes them to the appropriate approver, and captures signatures and other information. Databases are automatically updated and procurement teams have total visibility into approval status within the AUTTO platform.

Automating approvals also makes it easier for information and communication to cross team or department boundaries.

Step 3: Purchase orders  

Much like purchase requisitions, purchase orders often go through multiple touchpoints prior to approval. AUTTO allows you to create a workflow that automatically routes your purchase orders through the appropriate steps based on predefined business rules preventing bottlenecks and allowing them to reach final approval faster.

The beauty of automating the purchase order process is that it reduces that amount of data entry required each time a PO is issued. This speeds up the process and helps teams avoid errors.


Automate your Procurement process with AUTTO

Procurement plays a key role in making sure your business has the materials and services you need to succeed. That’s why it’s essential to build procurement processes that are as structured, efficient, and integrated as possible. 

AUTTO’s no-code process automation makes it easy for procurement teams to take control of their processes and workflows. An intuitive, visual interface gives procurement teams access to a full suite of automation features and capabilities AUTTO integrates with a wide range of apps and systems to unify and harmonise the various workflows and processes the procurement team manages.

Get started on the road to Citizen Development using AUTTO.

Our Proof of Concept lets you map out and automate a business process giving you a bird’s eye view of the challenges faced in your business. From building a simple process, to creating a whole digital operating platform, our AUTTO engineers can help you get started with automating for your business. 

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How to Automate a Complex Process without Writing a Line of Code

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