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Admin Dashboard

With AUTTO automation is accessible to businesses of all sizes. You can build everything in AUTTO from a simple process to a full operations platform. It is easy to learn and fast to implement with processes being up and running in less than an hour.

Workflow Templates

Every new user to AUTTO has access to many different workflow templates. From HR onboarding, to creating an NDA workflow. We have populated the frequently used workflows, so you don’t have to spend more time creating them.  There is also the option to create your own workflow with tours and guides to help you along the way.

Workflow Actions

AUTTO has over 22 different actions to help build your workflows. From creating a document using the action AUTTOdoc, to sending an email, each action can easily be added to the workflow using AUTTO’s simple drag and drop workflow builder.

Workflow Builder

Use AUTTO’s simple visual editor to build workflows by linking actions together to turn your process into an automated workflow. With AUTTO’s simple workflow builder no coding skills are needed; just simply drag and drop the actions to where you want them within your workflow. 

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Data Management Actions

With AUTTO, you can collect data from many systems and platforms that you may already have. Processing and storing this data is a breeze using AUTTO’s

Data Tables

Data tables store information that you can use across all of the different workflows in your AUTTO account. This key feature allows data management capabilities to be integrated in your workflows, allowing them to be updated by information created by other workflows or used as ‘reference’ tables.

After setting up a data table, you can look up information from it and add, delete or update records automatically from within a workflow.  Data tables enable you to build a database without writing a line of code.

You can use data tables in Actions through their square brackets. You can define which column in a table to get data from, and you can display records from these tables in your workflows.

There are Actions in AUTTO designed specifically to work with Data Tables.

Lookup Table

Look up rows in tables and set the information as new, to use later.

Table Builder

Remove columns and filter rows from your tables.

Table Export

This action enables you to automatically export tables in Autto to Excel as part of an Autto workflow.

Update Data Tables

Turn Excel spreadsheets into a database you can automate within AUTTO.

You can also use information stored in data tables in API calls set up in the Get Data and Send Data Actions.

Workflow Triggers.

At AUTTO we understand that sometimes you need a workflow to run automatically. This is why we have designed certain actions for you to incorporate into your workflows. 

Workflow Scheduler

Set a workflow to run automatically on a regular schedule

Workflow Scheduler

Set a workflow to run automatically on a regular schedule

Workflow Scheduler

Transfer a user and their information seamlessly from one workflow to another to help build a robust business process.   This helps you use individual workflows as part of a whole system.

Ready to start using AUTTO?

Request a guided tour of our AUTTO platform with one of our AUTTO specialists.

User Dashboard.

AUTTO has been designed with the user in mind. We have created an end-user experience, so when you run a published workflow the end-user will see it as an integral part of your systems. With style sheets that you can brand your own, the interface will have a seamless and professional look. 


Our integrations with Slack and other channels make communication effortless, instant and automated. Use AUTTO’s communication integration to ensure the whole team is up to date and keep projects running smoothly.

Automated Documents

AUTTO has all the tools you need for automated document production. We even integrate with Eversign, so everything down to adding signatures can be automated. 

Cloud File Sharing

Cloud sharing is key to keeping your team working efficiently. So we made sure this key element of any modern business was fully automatable. We integrate with all the big cloud sharing platforms; Google Drive, One Drive, and DropBox. You’re covered whichever you use or even if you use more than one.

Data Management

Data management has never been easier. Replace tedious hours of data entry with something that demands the human touch. And leave the data management to the robots. Combine AUTTO’s features and API integrations for no-fuss data creation, editing, and sharing. 

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An Intro To AUTTO

How to Automate a Complex Process without Writing a Line of Code

  • Date: 31 March 2022
  • Time 14:00 BST
  • Host: Ian Gosling, Founder of AUTTO

Hi there,

AUTTO is a no-codebusiness and document automation platform. No-code means you can build tailor-made automated processes without having to be a developer.

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