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AUTTO is a no-code platform that enables knowledge workers to transform their business processes using automated workflows, data tables and integrations. 

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How do I work with AUTTO?

There are three pillars to AUTTO that provide the foundations for your digital transformation.


AUTTO workflows are digitised business processes built up of ACTIONs.

ACTIONs do specific jobs like gathering information in a form, producing an automated document, filtering a table, running a calculation, or getting information from another system. In the same way, simple Lego™ bricks can build any model; you can build up ACTIONs into automated workflows. Using AUTTO’s no-code editor, you can drag and drop ACTIONs into the workflow, link them up and configure them to do the specific job you want them to do.

When a workflow is ready, you hit publish. AUTTO magically creates a simple user interface of forms, pages, e-mails and attachments that your clients or colleagues can access via a secure URL. Your workflow is live in seconds.

Your clients or colleagues can access this interface to start a workflow from their laptop or phone. They only see the parts of the workflow they need to see, with automated ACTIONs hidden behind the scenes. Workflows can also run entirely automated without the need for anyone’s time. Managers can see in detail how each workflow is performing.

Data Tables

In AUTTO, you can create bespoke Data Tables and even link them together to create an entire database without writing a line of code. Data Tables can store different types of information or even files and documents. 

Your workflows can connect to these tables to look up information, update information or add an entirely new line to the table. 

Since many workflows can talk to a data table, data created by one workflow can be read or updated by a different workflow. 

Data is the lifeblood of any digital transformation, and data tables make the data flow.


Your business has probably already got data in existing systems: CRMs, ERPs, or some other impenetrable three-letter acronym. AUTTO empowers you to connect your workflows to these systems.

AUTTO has off the shelf integrations and a no-code API manager that enables you to build the integrations you need without writing a line of code. Your workflows can get information from Microsoft, Google, Salesforce and others, and then update those systems with the workflow’s results.

With AUTTO, you don’t need to replace every system in your business to get your digital transformation underway. You can simply connect to them.

By linking workflows to each other, to data tables and other systems (like your CRM), AUTTO can be used to create a complete digital operating platform for your business or practice.

Who we are

AUTTO was founded with the belief that technology is the power for growth. Through experience in law, technology, and business the three founders embarked on a journey to make automation accessible for all. 

Max Cole, Founder

Max is a former solicitor and a practising barrister specialising in media, commercial and employment law. His broad legal background  gives us a unique understanding of legal processes and workflow.

Ian Gosling, Founder

Ian is a product manager and consultant specialising in SaaS, e-commerce and media. He comes from a digital transformation and venture capital background. Ian manages AUTTO’s product planning, finance and operations.

Krisztián Kerék, Founder/CTO

Kris is an experienced full-stack developer with an interest in document automation, web security, and e-commerce. With specialized frontend and backend development skills, Kris leads the tech team, ensuring that the product is high-quality and user-friendly.

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An Intro To AUTTO

How to Automate a Complex Process without Writing a Line of Code

  • Date: 31 March 2022
  • Time 14:00 BST
  • Host: Ian Gosling, Founder of AUTTO

Hi there,

AUTTO is a no-codebusiness and document automation platform. No-code means you can build tailor-made automated processes without having to be a developer.

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