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With Autto businesses save time by automating repetitive office processes, giving everyone more time to spend on the more fulfilling, profit-making part of their jobs. Instead of manually cutting-and-pasting, attaching-and-emailing, checking-and-asking – you build automated workflows by linking actions in an easy-to-use editor. Now your workflows that do most the process automatically and can be run in almost any browser, on a smartphone or desktop. Use Autto to automate contracts, agreements, reminders, surveys, HR processes, customer service… the list is endless


Autto is completely online so there is no technology costs or complex installation. It’s affordably priced based on use, instead of being hundreds of thousands a year.  And most importantly of all, it’s simple, easy to use! We aim to have businesses like yours building and benefiting from their first automated workflow within an hour. With Autto anyone can turn repetitive processes into automated workflows and start building their future.


We’ve just begun, but customers in the beta are already telling us how much Autto is improving their efficiency and we have so many more actions and functions we want to add. So help us to get the power of Automation into the hands of millions of small businesses, like yours by joining the beta here



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