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Technology is not innovation, but it helps


by Max Cole

This white paper from PWC cautions against mistaking technology for innovation. Adopting whizzy technology is not itself a proxy for innovation, it concludes; it can be part of the story, but innovation requires “deeper change across the organisation, including behaviour, culture, capability and processes”.

The context is major projects. In legal services the issue is subtly different; an innate resistance to innovation in the face of an identifiable technological threat. Lawyers increasingly face technological advances – AI, e-disclosure, Watson, for instance – which are bearing down on the established modes of working. At the same time lawyers, BigLaw in particular are (with exceptions) resistant to serious innovation, because the traditional model – partners managing ranks of associates billing by the hour – has been so extraordinarily successful at delivering riches.

If legal futurologists – Susskind et al – are right, then technological advances will in time destroy that model and usher in a new world of unbundled legal services.

Maybe. For those in legal services who recognise the threat (or indeed opportunity) of technological innovation but are not yet all-in for technology-driven unbundled services, what to do? The immediate task is to identify technology tools which complement both existing ways of working, but also innovation. Process automation is part of that.


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Max Cole


Max Cole is a former solicitor at leading city law firms and a practising barrister.

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