Simple Pricing – based on usage, not users

Save with the Annual Plan – Equivalent to 12 months for the price of 10


Only $208 on the yearly plan
  • 5 Published workflows
  • Unlimited Draft workflows
  • Unlimited Users
  • 750 Action points
  • Most actions including Electronic Signatures, but no Get Data
  • Full support, onboarding and helpdesk
  • No API Manager access
  • Additional action points $0.40 each
  •  *ex VAT or GST if applicable 


Only $416 on the yearly plan
  • 30 Published workflows
  • Unlimited Draft workflows
  • Unlimited Users
  • 1750 Action points
  • All actions including Electronic Signatures and Get Data
  • Full support, onboarding and helpdesk
  • Full API Manager access 
  • Additional action points $0.40 each
  • * ex VAT or GST if applicable


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  • Agreed Number of Published workflows
  • Unlimited Draft workflows
  • Unlimited Users
  •  Agreed Number of Action points
  • All actions including Electronic Signatures and Get Data
  • Full support, onboarding and helpdesk
  • Full API Manager access
  • Private Cloud Options Available
  • Additional action points $0.40 each
What are action points?

In Autto, a workflow consists of actions (forms, condition, documents etc) configured and linked together by you. Each action has a number of “action points” attributed to it. Most actions have a value of 1 point, more advanced actions, such as Document Automation [i.e. the AuttoDoc  action] require more points:


Action Action points required when run 
Start page 1
Form 1
Condition 1
Email 1
Auttodoc 2
Page 1
Assign User 1
Google Drive 1
Dropbox 1
One Drive 1
Get Data 1
Calculator  1
E-sign 4
Date Calculator 1
Why doesn't the Free plan include electronic signature?

Autto pays a third party for this action and so we cannot include it in the free plan. You can still access most other actions including Auttodoc – document automation,and email.

How many users can use an account or workflow?

As many as you like!  We think that it’s fairer to base our pricing on how much you use Autto and therefore the value you get out of automation.

What happens if I need more published workflows?

You can upgrade to a higher plan at any time contact to discuss your needs.

How are action points calculated?

Running a workflow accumulates action points. The number of action points is determined by the number of actions actually used and the value of those actions (see What are action points?). Here is an example:

 This workflow creates an agreement if a set of rules are met.  Because it has a Condition action the number of action points required to run the published workflow depends on the 



Total action points required if the rules are not met


based on 


Total action points required if the  rules are met and agreement is created 


based on

Start action 1 + Start action 1 +
Form action 1 + Form action 1 +
Condition action 1 + Condition action 1 +
Email action 1 + AuttoDoc 2 +
Page action 1 Email action 1  
= 5 action points Page action 1
= 7 action points
What to you mean by a Published workflow?

You can build an unlimited number of workflows in the workflow editor.  To make a workflow available for use, you have to publish it. The number of workflows which you can publish at any one time is limited depending on the price plan you choose. Note that you can archive previously published workflows if you no longer require them.

What is the API Manager?

Autto’s API Manager lets you easily connect Autto to other services and platforms.  The API Manager is required to use the Get Data and Send Data actions (coming soon!).

Do you offer special pricing for educational customers?

Yes, we’re keen automation into the hands of the next generation, contact to discuss your needs.

Do you offer special pricing for charities and not-for profit organizations?

Yes, we hope that automation can be used as a force for good. Contact 

I'm not sure how many points I need I upgrade my plan later?

You can upgrade at any time (For Annual plans we will calculate  a pro rata amount of credit). We recommend trying the free plan first to understand your needs. Plans can be upgraded in the Subscription manager.

Is the free plan really free?

Yes, no credit card required and no time limit. We believe that everyone should have the chance to try automation, so we created a free plan.

What happens if I need more action points?

All plans apart from the free plan allow you to automatically buy additional action points so your workflows never stop. For paid  plans you will only be charged (at the rate stated in the pricing table) for additional action points,  if you have used up the included action points for the month. 

How do I downgrade my plan?

You can downgrade plans through the subscription manager and charges will be prorated.

What is the cancellation policy?

You can cancel your plan in the Subscription manager. This will stop your next and subsequent payments.  Access to the Autto and workflows continues until your paid subscription period has elapsed. Alternatively, you may prefer to downgrade. If you have any questions please contact

Do you white labeling, licensing, higher volume pricing etc??

We're open to many ideas, contact us

I still have questions!

No problem ask us anything using the chat or via 

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