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Meet the future of work:
affordable, accessible, easy-to-use workflow automation

Making work more productive, consistent and jobs more fulfilling.  Autto is bringing easy process automation to small and medium businesses.  

Today we’re going to give you a quick look at a simple tool that has the potential to change the way you work.  How do you spend your working day? How much time do you spend being productive and feeling rewarded? How much time do you spend on tasks that would be better if you could easily automate them? Whether you work in the legal field, in professional services or in a small business you probably spend more of your time than you think on repeating similar tasks.  Think of the benefits for you and your co-workers if most of these tasks could be automated.

Until now there hasn’t been a choice – only large enterprises have been able to automate, while everyone else has been stuck doing it manually or with whatever help their CRM systems provided.

We built Autto to make it easy for everyone to automate everyday office and legal processes.  It’s a set of actions that you link together visually like Lego blocks until your process has become an automated workflow that can be used through a web browser.  It works online and there is no software to install. You can start with something as simple as putting a name and address into a basic contract or non-disclosure agreement and emailing it.  

For some particularly in the legal field, Autto will result in greater consistency, for many, we hope that it will improve efficiency, and for everyone, we aim to make work more productive and fulfilling. 

Right now Autto is in limited beta.  We’re working with a few companies including law firms, regulatory advisors, and some in the financial sector.  But we want more people to be part of the Beta so if you feel that your company could benefit from automation apply to join the free Beta.

Meet the future of work – affordable, accessible, easy-to-use workflow automation – join the Beta now and see for yourself


Limited Beta Places Still Available:

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