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Tech start-up Autto launches platform for easy office automation


Tech start-up Autto launches platform for easy office automation

Easy-to-use online platform enables SME’s, legal and professional services to harness the power of automation

5 February 2019, London, United Kingdom – Autto, the easy-to-use automation platform, has today launched its online solution to the legal and professional services SME markets. Autto, which has been in development and testing for 18 months, enables businesses of all sizes to simply and cost-effectively automate the daily administrative tasks that waste up to a third1 of skilled employees’ time.  Autto is based in London in the newly opened WeWork Labs – a collaborative working environment for innovative start-ups.

Businesses today are under increasing pressure to do more with less. Clients expect faster service delivery, whilst staff crave a better work life balance.  However, while technology such as automation has emerged as an enterprise-class solution, for most businesses the cost, scale and complexity of such technology is a barrier to adoption. Autto’s online platform breaks down automation into configurable Lego-like building blocks called actions. Users simply link actions together to build automated workflows for routine office tasks (e.g. contract creation, approval processes, standard emails). Its service gets users started on a free plan and aims to have them automating processes within an hour.


“Even with modern technology we still have smart people doing dumb things – dull, repetitive tasks that don’t require human intelligence,” said Ian Gosling, co-founder of Autto. “So far, the automation of tasks has been confined to the big firms with fat tech budgets. Autto changes this delivering cost-effective, easy automation for the rest of us. It can free your smart people to focus on delivering smart things.”

The London-based tech start-up was founded by lawyer Max Cole, digital product expert Ian Gosling and software developer, Krisztian Kerek. Seasoned entrepreneurs, having previously developed an online will creation platform, the founders saw a gap in the market for an easy-to-use, cost-effective automation solution to ease the administrative burden within the SME, legal and ‘legal-ish’ (heavily regulated) sectors.

“As a former solicitor, I remember clearly the daily drudge of admin in a law firm – a  sea of paperwork and the never-ending manual processes. However change is afoot,” said Max Cole, co-founder of Autto. “Demanding clients, and a younger, tech-savvy generation of professionals are driving a more efficient and more pleasurable way of working. This is why we created Autto – to automate those everyday, time consuming processes, empowering  professionals to deliver better services to clients and spend more time delivering innovative work.”

Autto has secured prestigious grants from the EU (H2020SME Instrument) and Innovate UK, as well as raising funds from an early seed investment round from experienced Angel investors. For further information on how Autto’s solution works in practice watch this short video here. Further information can be found at  


Autto, is the easy-to-use office automation platform for SMEs, legal and professional services.  Using a secure online platform Autto’s users link Lego-block like actions, turning routine tasks into efficient automatic workflows. Designed to be flexible, it is typically used for the creation of legal documents, approval procedures, invoicing, standard emails, surveys, and compliance.  London based Autto is backed by Innovate UK and the EU Horizon 2020 programme. Learn more about the company and start automating for free at  



Jacqueline Booker


Autto founders (left to right) – Max Cole, Ian Gosling, Krisztián Kerék

Example of a workflow being run in a browser

The workflow builder interface and a workflow being built


Max Cole, Co-founder of Autto

Ian Gosling, Co-founder of Autto

The Autto dashboard with workflows 

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