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2018 was a landmark year for legaltech, the industry entered a new phase of maturity with the hype dying down and practical solutions entering the market.  It was also the year that the legal sector started to adopt legal technology in practice.   We’ve rapidly seen events like the Legal Geek Conference grow from meetups of a few hundred to full scale professional conferences with thousands attending.

As the Autto team plans our presence, we thought we’d share our list of the top legaltech events.   If you see Ian, Max or the guys at events come and chat.

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Jan 29 – 31 New York Legaltech
Feb 1 New York Inspire.Legal
Feb 21 Singapore Global Legal ConfEx & Law Tech
Feb 20 – 22 Berlin Berlin Legal Tech 2019
Feb 22 – 24 Global Global Legal Hackathon
Mar 19 London British Legal Tech Forum 19
Apr 4 Stanford CodeX FutureLaw 2019
Apr 8 – 9 Amsterdam LEXPO’19
Jun 4 Johannesburg Legal Innovation & Technology Fest 2019
Jun 12 – 13 Sydney Legal Innovation Festival
Jun 17 – 18 Zurich Swiss Legaltech 2019 Hackathon & Conference 
Oct 11 London Legal Innovators Conference
Oct 16 London Legal Geek Conference
Oct 17 London Legal Design Geek
Oct 21 – 22 San Deigo Clio Cloud Conference


Jan 29 - 31 - Legaltech*

Legalweek includes a number of areas of focus, not just legaltech and is perhaps the widest of the events listed here. As such the tech side includes marketing and HR tools.

New York


Feb 1 - Inspire.Legal

An unconference with unpanels,  Inspire.Legal is organized by Christian Lang (of the NY Legal Tech Meetup).  The focus is on cutting through the hype and using collaboration to solve the problems facing the industry.

New York


Feb 21 - Global Legal ConfEx & Law Tech*

The Singapore government is pioneering legaltech adoption with programs to develop and integrate legaltech into all aspects of the legal field.    This conference is one of a number with the same organiser – covering London, Dubai, Singapore, New Delhi, San Francisco,  and New York




Feb 20-22 - Berlin Legal Tech 2019*

A two-day hackathon 20-22nd plus a day of workshops 21st and a full-day conference 22nd . Note that the conference talks and workshops will be in German.




Feb 22-24 - Global Legal Hackathon

The first round of a legaltech hackathon, this event challenges law schools, in-departments, legaltech firms and other to rapidly develop solutions for the legal industry.




Mar 19 - British Legal Tech Forum 19*

Billed as Europe’s largest legal technology conference and exhibition, the forum is chaired by the legendary Professor Richard Susskind OBE.



Apr 4 - CodeX FutureLaw 2019 *

In its seventh year the event is lets you “Spend a day with the community that is shaping the future of law2 i.e.  the team at CodeX, the Stanford Center for Legal Informatics.  It should be a unique chance to exchange ideas between the thought leaders, the academic side and the commercial side of legaltech.



Apr 8-9 - LEXPO'19

“Legal innovation at its best” Lexpo focuses on the wider innovation picture rather than being a pure legaltech event.  Sessions on valuation, billing strategies  and collaboration are paired with more traditional legaltech subjects.



Jun 4 - Legal Innovation & Technology Fest 2019*

With over a hundred speakers, this promises to cover all aspects of legal development and innovation. Download the supporting report on their website.



Jun 12-13 - Legal Innovation Festival

A four-in-one conference combining Innovation & Tech, Client Experience & Marketing, Talent & Diversity, and NextGen Lawyers. 500 plus legal professionals converge on the Hilton in Sydney to discuss all aspects of legal innovation



Jun 17-18 - Swiss Legaltech 2019 Hackathon & Conference

48-hackathon and conference with workshops (information based on 2018 event – waiting on website update)



Oct 11 - Legal Innovators Conference*

The first all-day conference from the AI and Legal Automation Blog Artificial Lawyer. The AL founder Richard Tromans already has a reputation as one of the most active contributors to legaltech so this small conference promises to be interesting and insightful



Oct 16 - Legal Geek Conference*

Last year event brought together the legaltech innovators, established players and start-ups along with lots of representatives from law firms. We’re hearing even better things about this years conference.



Oct 17 - Legal Design Geek*

The baby brother of the above conference this is the getting your hands dirty doing it legal design practical event.  Workshops, talks and discussion help move legaltech forward.



Oct 21 - 22 - Clio Cloud Conference

With about 2000 legal professionals attending this sponsored by Clio who produce cloud-based case management software.  In addition to Clio specific content there is a startup alley for legaltech firms.

San Diego


*In our pocket guide


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