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Imagine never having to do the boring repetitive parts of your work. No longer having to write the same reports, not sending the same emails, not writing the same contracts and documents. Imagine the dull repetitive parts of your job done like that! Imagine the potential of smart people being freed to do intelligent work. This is the potential of automation.


But right now when you hear about automation now you hear about giant banks, insurance companies, multinationals with big technology budgets and big tech teams. Autto is about empowering the rest of us, about levelling the playing field. We strongly believe that something as important as automation can’t just be for large enterprises.


The startups and small firms that employ millions have the right to be able to compete, to have access to the same technology, to receive the same benefits. We built Autto to make workflow automation accessible to all businesses, not just the big boys. Help us bring the benefits of automation to all by joining the free Autto beta program and shaping the future of small business, visit to join  or read more on



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