Easily Auttomate repetitive tasks and documents

Meet Autto!
Get more done in less time. Autto boosts productivity by letting your business easily Auttomate repetitive processes – improve efficiency, consistency and job satisfaction. Using a simple flowchart-style tool, quickly turn repetitive processes into Auttomated workflows. Set up forms to gather data. Apply conditions. Create documents. Send emails. 
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Easily boost productivity

Autto is a simple-to-use visual tool that saves you time by Auttomating the tasks to repeat

  • Works for all kinds of tasks by linking simple actions together
  • No software to install,  just a secure online tool that’s easy to use
  • Workflows can used by customers, the public or just authorised coworkers
  • Constantly improving with new actions and features
  • Creates DOCs, PDFs, emails etc

It only takes three easy steps

Step One –

Think of a process

What tasks do you repeat? For example:

Creating a legal document

On boarding a new coworker

Conducting satisfaction surveys…..

Step Two –

Build a workflow

Turn your task into a step-by-step workflow

Choose the actions

Configure each action

Link them together…


Step Three –

Publish the workflow

Now publish the workflow so it can be used

Test and preview the workflow

Publish and choose who can use it

Visit the workflow’s web address to run it

It’s that simple!

Helps all kinds of business


Law firms and in-house legal

Eliminate cut-and-paste, reduce errors and speed up the production of all kinds of legal documents

Regulated industries

Prepare consistent accurate  formal paperwork, track compliance and easily formalise processess

Professional services

Create and organise on the go with mobile friendly forms.  Use public or secure web-pages to save time

Join Autto's efficiency revolution

We’ll be launching Autto very soon and we want you to be the first to benefit from this easy-to-use tool.

Contact us and we’ll keep you updated with developments.