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Autto is an easy-to-use office automation platform for legal departments, law firms and professional services. Its intuitive approach allows firms to automate a wide variety of legal processes.

Autto benefits legal departments by allowing them to operate faster and more efficiently. It is being used internationally by law firms, in-house counsel and in regulated industries to meet increasing client expectations; enabling faster service delivery times, supporting alternative billing models and helping lawyers to achieve a better work-life balance.

How It works

Autto is based on configurable building blocks called “actions”. They include forms, document automation, calculations, email automation, conditions and many more. Building up these actions, like Lego, allows users to turn their legal processes into automated workflows.




Intuitive legal technology offereing ease of use, security and flexibility


Easily automate your existing legal processes by linking action in Autto’s drag and drop editor

Runs Online

Secure, online platform used through a standard web browser – no installation needed and no IT costs


Quickly turning repetitive processes into automatic workflows that run anywhere and have acess controls



Automate legal documents, standard emails, approvals, surveys, training  and many more office processes


Frequently updated with new features, intergrations and actions based on user feedback

Tracks use

Integrated user tracking and data gathering for compliance and optimisation

An innovative approach to legal technology   

Richard Tromans – Artificial Lawyer

“Artificial Lawyer is not often this excited about a product coming to market – but in Autto’s case it’s merited.”

Legal Geek Lawtech Startup Map

“Wow! Autto, Linkilaw and Juro are crushing this!”

Greg Siskind – Siskind Susser PC

“Autto is an exceptional product in a growing market for AI-based legal tools.”

Horizon 2020 – Phase 1 Supported

We are partly funded through Horizon 2020  – the EU program to secure competitiveness and deliver innovation

Featured in the AL 100 Directory

The first entry in the Workflow Automation + Transaction Tools section of the AL 100

Next Generation Services Challenge

Autto has UK Government support to introduce office automation legal & services industries

Accessible to all legal services businesses

  • Legal departments – reduce workload and increase productivity by automating common legal processes 
  • Consumer law firms – make the delivery of fixed price and innovative services easier and cost efficient
  • Large law firms – meet  increasing client demands, provide alternative charging models and  improve work-life balance for staff
  • Specialized legal services – quickly complete required documentation and streamline client requests


Simple to use

Autto is designed to have you or your legal team building your first useable workflow with an hour of starting


Web based

Securely runs in any modern browser


Multiple actions

Ever growing range of drag-and-drop actions



Processes are turned into visual workflows


Easy to configure

Easily configure settings for individual actions

Start with a demo

The platform is designed with for easy of use and rapid adoption.  Pricing is based on usage level and there is ongoing free plan to allow you to test Autto’s usability and suitability in your organization. 

We recommend booking a demo so we can understand your needs and you can see the ease-of-use and relevant features for yourself.


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