Automating a NDA in Three Steps

Use Autto to automate all repetitive processes and documents. This example will be of a time-saving workflow used to automate a simple NDA. You can create workflows based on existing processes and documents so the software is flexible and can be used for many tasks.

Step One – Think of a process

So, how do you manually create an NDA? First, think of the steps – write them down! Use a checklist, a whiteboard, numbered list… whatever works for you. What decisions do you make? What information do you need?

Keep it simple, but complete.

Our NDA Process


What details do we need to know before we go further? Make a list of all details including company info, signer's info and more


Do we need to check with our legal guys before sending them an NDA? This should typically be done if they are located outside of the UK and are therefore a higher security risk


If we do need to check with our legal guys, then we send them the company details and wait for them to say it's ok


If we don't need to check with legal, then we open up Word and find the NDA template


Then, we cut and paste the details into the template. If we need the contractors' clause put it in- or if the NDA is for international use- make appropriate adjustments to the document


Once we've built the document, we save it and email a copy as a PDF to the other party to be signed

Step Two – Build a workflow

Let’s turn the process into a new workflow in Autto.

Begin with a Start Page – adding actions, like forms, emails and pages; these are the same steps we performed in the manual process

Since there are only two options, the condition action will be used to create two branches

To create the NDA itself, the template will be edited in Word and turned into an AuttoDoc




Begin with a START action and add a form to collect information for the NDA


Use a Condition action to decide if the request is sent to the Legal Department


Edit the NDA template in Word adding conditions and data - making an AuttoDoc

Step Three – Publish the workflow

Once we’re happy with the work flow we can preview, publish, and test it. When we publish the workflow, we can decide to make it:

  • Invitation Required – if we need to secure it
  • Registration Required – to know who has used the workflow
  • Public – so anyone can use the workflow (there are Terms if we need them)

In this example, the NDA is for private use, so lets make it Invitation Required.

Once the workflow is published, it can be accessed with the workflow address. The workflow can be completely customized to match a company brand.  



In action (with a Demo Company stylesheet)


The PDF NDA result


We could go even further!

Maybe we could email it to the office HP printer to produce a hard copy or email a draft version of the NDA to the lawyer. You can add in some files or pictures, if necessary. However, if the security rating is too low, then the process should stop. 

You create the workflow; you make the choices  

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