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We understand your business process complexities 
and our goal is to help you save time.

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How can business automation help save me time?

Running processes can be time-consuming and it’s easy for things to get missed, especially when you are trying to manage data with nothing more than copy and pasting onto a spreadsheet and sending out endless emails!

AUTTO simply automates these business processes for you, allowing for accuracy and consistency.

We provide a no-code automation platform that is simple and easy to use. We understand your business process complexities and our goal is to help you save time, freeing you up to do what you love.

The Problem

Getting people to follow the process

Let’s face it; people aren’t very good at following procedures. They are under pressure, they try and take shortcuts, and this means mistakes get made. You are anxious that colleagues, customers or suppliers consistently follow your process: provide the right information, get approvals, give notifications and do it in a way you can see

How we can help

Accuracy through automation

Building your processes into automated workflows means that your colleagues or clients get an instant response. They don’t need to take shortcuts. The automation naturally enforces a process with audit trail and tracking, which means you can be sure the work gets done correctly.

The Problem

Too much work, not enough time

The boss is asking you to do more with less. The amount of work is growing, but the budget and resources you have to do it are not. You are under pressure to turn around routine work more quickly. Not only that, but you are also spending so much time doing everyday work, you are not getting more critical, challenging and exciting jobs done.

How we can help

Replace your time with tech

By automating your routine procedures, they get turned around faster and take only minutes to deliver. AUTTO gathers the information, updates the database, sends e-mails and tracks progress without taking up your time. Your role becomes monitoring. Freeing you, and your colleagues, up to do something more valuable than cutting and pasting into a spreadsheet!

The Problem

Digitisation is difficult

You want to digitise your processes or services, but they are unique to your business. You’ve thought about software development, but it is too time-consuming, too expensive and involves skills you don’t have in-house. Even if you could build it, how would you host and maintain it?

How we can help

Rapid automation made easy with Autto's no-code platform

AUTTO is a no-code business and document automation platform. No-code means you can build tailor-made automated processes without having to be a developer. Our easy to understand software makes it quick, easy and cost-effective to automate your processes. We also provide a lot of help, support and consultancy if need be.


FinTech FinCrime Exchange reduces work by 75% with business automation.
Admin time cut by 160 hours

“Since we’ve started using AUTTO, I’ve gone from having to spend half a day signing up three people to doing the same in less than an hour. This adds up to a month of work saved each year and means I can keep up with the increased workload FFE’s popularity has brought.

I’ve gone from sending 10 emails to each prospective member to sending one with a link to an easy-to-use, web-based system.”


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what our clients have to say

Actions into Automation


Choose different question types and collect information using smooth-flowing forms that work on desktop or mobile.


Send email with detailed information, use conditions to customise and modify content. Include files and fields.


Create mini web pages to share information with videos, images and text. Add conditions, and files including Auttodocs for download.

Assign User

Assign part of the workflow to another user (and back). Create approvals and collaborate on AUTTOS with others.


Perform complex calculations on information stored in [square brackets], use and base the conditions on the results.

Task Email

Allows you to provide information and ask a question in an e-mail. The recipient can respond simply by clicking on a button in the e-mail. Your workflow will act depending on the response. Ideal for approvals.


Look up rows in tables and set the information as new, to use later

data Tables

Turn Excel spreadsheets into a database you can automate with AUTTO.

Let us show you how we can help your business with automation.

The power of business automation only used to be available to big businesses because of those expensive per-seat licenses, and software which needs a developer to set up. With Autto, buainess automation is accessible to companies of all sizes.


How to improve your employee onboarding process with automation!

Learn how automating your organization’s onboarding workflow can reduce a cumbersome process from days to seconds.

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AUTTO is a no-codebusiness and document automation platform. No-code means you can build tailor-made automated processes without having to be a developer.

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