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Welcome to our regular dose of inspiration, research and discussion. Written by the Autto founders Ian Gosling and Max Cole we look at legaltech, automation, AI, the impact  of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, startup culture, process design and other topics that catch our attention.  Mostly serous, sometimes a little tongue in cheek, but hopefully always informative.  We enjoy a lively discussuion so do comment. Signup for posts and our occasional newsletter.

Six Technologies Every Lawyer Should Understand

Six Technologies Every Lawyer Should Understand   by Autto Lawyers are a busy bunch. Between handling the day-to-day responsibilities within their matters to communicating with colleagues and clients, lawyers often don’t have time to experiment with different...

The Top Industries That Benefit From Process Automation

The Top Industries That Benefit From Process Automation by Autto The workplace is changing. Technology is constantly advancing, which has a profound effect on the workplace. Technological advancements not only create new job opportunities, but they also make existing...

We Are All Lawyers Now – The Rise of the Legalish

Coming from a Legaltech (or Lawtech if you prefer) background – it’s not always obvious why the Autto team talk about the legal and regulated markets in the same breath. Max Cole, one of Autto’s founders has written an article for Articial Lawyer explains his perspective and introduces the term Legalish

Legal Geek 2018 – Working at the small stuff

Legal Geek Conference 2018 Working at the small stuff   by Max Cole This year’s Legal Geek conference was held last week in London.  Jimmy Vestbirk’s annual lawtech gettogether has just got bigger and more influential.  In 2016 there were 500 delegates, one...

How to overcome the barriers to legal workflow automation

How to overcome the barriers to legal workflow automation   by Ian Gosling Whether you are in a General Counsel’s Office (GCO) or working in a law firm your colleagues and clients are asking you to do more without a commensurate increase in resources. GCO’s are...

Technology is not innovation, but it helps

This white paper from PWC cautions against mistaking technology for innovation. Adopting whizzy technology is not itself a proxy for innovation, it concludes; it can be part of the story, but innovation requires “deeper change across the organisation, including behaviour, culture, capability and processes”.

Have we reached the tipping point in US #Legaltech?

The American Bar Association’s Report on the Future of Legal Services in the United States caught my attention last week. It’s interesting to us here at Autto for a couple of reasons. First, because a lot of interest in our legal workflow software is coming from North America and second because – fact – what happens there is coming here next.

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