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Autto Benefits

Easy-to-use office automation for legal and professional services


Easily automate office processes by linking action in Autto’s drag and drop editor

Runs Online

Secure, online platform used through a standard web browser – no installation needed and no IT costs


Improve productivity by quickly turning repetitive processes into automatic workflows that run anywhere



Automate legal documents, standard emails, approvals, surveys, training  and many more office processes


Frequently updated with new features, intergrations and actions based on user feedback

Tracks use

Integrated user tracking and data gathering for compliance and optimisation

How It Works

With Autto you turn tasks into automated workflows by linking lego-block like actions using the drag-and-drop menus.  

Run anywhere

Once published workflows can be run in any browsers with users seeing a simple webpage interface and automation happening in the background.

Automation for all business sizes

Our unique online platform makes advanced automation available to all sizes of business.  Autto is already being used during the Beta by companies in five countries, from one person companies to international law firms.

Simple to use

Autto is designed to have you building your first useable workflow with an hour of starting


Web based

Securely runs in any modern browser


Multiple actions

Every growing range of drag-and-drop actions



Processes are turned into visual workflows


Easy to configure

Easily configure settings for individual actions

Use Autto for free

We’re launching Autto soon and the great news is that it will have a free plan! Sign up for our updates to learn more

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