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We asked a New York lawyer to try Autto and to share his opinion on the Beta platform and it’s potential. These are his first impressions and thoughts.  As this is his personal opinion and does not represent those of his employer, he has requested that we only use his first name.


Note: If you would like to try our workflow automation platform for your practice, we still have a number of places available in our free Beta program, apply here or click on the menu link above.

My name is Adam and I am a licensed attorney in New York.


Throughout my years of practice as a litigator at a large, international law firm, I have repeatedly worked on matters with many moving parts. Because I primarily represent large corporations throughout the world, I often have to obtain commentary and input on my work from a wide range of actors, including my attorney colleagues (both in New York City and in other cities throughout the world), support staff, and decisionmakers at the client itself.


While working on these matters, it is often the case where I come across tasks that can be automated or facilitated through software. By embracing automation, my colleagues and I could focus much of our attention on the more complex tasks and matters on our plates. And this isn’t just on one discrete case or lawsuit. Multiply the time saved on one matter by the many matters that attorneys juggle, and it is clear that we would experience fewer headaches if we had some way to automate repetitive legal tasks.


That’s why I was excited to try out the Beta version of Autto, a new piece of software that helps users automate tasks and documents. While the stereotype is that attorneys and law firms are skeptical of new technology, I was looking forward to seeing how Autto could make my work life easier.


Upon first using Autto, I was immediately impressed with its clean and easy-to-use interface. I’m not the most technologically savvy lawyer, but Autto is designed with the user in mind. Individual tasks in a workflow are shown with images, making it easier for me to quickly identify key steps in each of my workflows. Workflows logically flow from the top of the screen to the bottom. And for those attorneys who fear new technology, Autto provides a demo workflow and onboarding to answer virtually any question on how to use the software.


But on to the software itself: I think of Autto as a toolbox full of Lego blocks. The blocks can be used in any possible way to suit your needs.


All workflows begin with a “start” page with customizable terms and conditions. But from there, everything is left up to your imagination. You can upload template documents to your workflow and have them automatically populated with information provided earlier in the workflow. This avoids unnecessary typing and a separate task that you may have delegated to a paralegal or legal secretary. You can add conditional logic to your workflows, emails and documents so that certain actions are taken in response to answers in customizable forms. You can even cut down on your email by having Autto send out certain emails including documents to relevant parties


Along with all of this, one significant feature is that Autto users don’t need to download any software to their hard drive. Autto works in the browser, which helps attorneys avoid the dreaded step of seeking permission from their IT staff to download software to their computers. You also have the power assign certain actions in the workflow, so that you can be confident that your colleagues are working on the right tasks.


After experimenting with Autto, it’s clear that the software can help litigators with a variety of tasks. For instance, litigators can design an Autto workflow to facilitate the process of creating engagement letters for new clients. They can use Autto to oversee the generation of certain court documents like complaints or motions to dismiss. They can even use Autto to manage extremely important correspondence, like negotiations between both parties on a potential settlement to a lawsuit. Are you working on antitrust or other complex litigation with multiple defendants? Autto can help you streamline repetitive tasks as you collaborate with co-counsel at other law firms. The possibilities are endless. I would recommend that lawyers and law firms take a hard look at Autto.

Autto’s Sample Workflow

The document automation action

Dashboard with workflows

The current selection of actions – Autto’s Lego-like building blocks

(More actions are in the pipeline. )

Workflow to produce a contract, email it and file a copy to a Dropbox account

Preview of a workflow running


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